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Jacqueline believes art must take one beyond itself to the idea of truth: if sense perception does not give way to reflection, art becomes mere decoration. Jacqueline hopes to delight and edify others with her creative understanding of the world and hopes to add a little color where it is needed.


Jacqueline attended the Thomas More College of Liberal Arts in Merrimack, New Hampshire, while studying cast drawing at the Ingbretson Studio in Manchester. She went on to study at the Florence Classical Arts Academy in Florence, Italy, and apprenticed under English painter James Gillick in Lincolnshire, England. Jacqueline was graduated summa cum laude from the Catholic Distance University with a bachelor's degree in theology.

Jacqueline enjoys working in a variety of media and genres and her work is featured in private collections in the United States and Europe. She accepts commissions and a portfolio of her completed artistry is available for sale.

Jacqueline also teaches private drawing and painting classes for children and adults in California and elsewhere by arrangement. 


"The things that we love tell us what we are."

Thomas Aquinas

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